I have learnt that as a photographer you should always have personal projects lined up in your down time. Being busy is great but I think shooting other people visions, even if its in your own style will get old over time. Stay fresh and creative, shoot projects for yourself and maybe go out of your comfort zone a little.

I have had this vision for this shoot for so long, Katt was very patient and waited for me to have a day off so we could shoot together. On a side note, she is an amazing up and coming model, very professional and on time, takes direction well too.

I knew I wanted a late afternoon shoot and I had the location mapped out in my head, a quick scout a few days ahead of time confirmed my vision. Quiet beach, Palm trees and the sun in the right place. I chose Cromwells Beach, a small stretch of sand in the Kahala Neighborhood of Honolulu on the island of Oahu, HI.

My go to rental shop of choice is Hawaii Camera Rental in Kaimuki, I needed a strobe and a large Octobox - I chose an Einstein 640 strobe from Alien Bees and the matching 47" Octo from Paul C. Buff. I already owned a battery pack and light stands so was good there.

I met with Katt on time and together with my assistant walked the length of the beach, I had already given her a brief on what I wanted so she had prepared herself mentally for the look. I told her think Bond Girl - show attitude but be sexy.

Shoot: I setup the Octo and the strobe at a 45 degree angle to the model, I used full power to overcome the very bright sun still high in the sky and placed the light about 2 feet away from her. In order to bring the shutterspeed down to 250th of a second and a wide open aperture I used a 6-stop ND filter from Breakthrough Photography. I was Happy with 250th at f5.6, 400 iso.

I used a Canon 5D MK III shooting RAW, a Sigma 50mm Art lens and Yongnuo 622 Flash Triggers for the strobe.

Props for the shoot where supplied by me, a Speargun by Torelli Spearguns, Fins by Hatch Customs and a dive mask from Maui Sporting Goods.