Retouching - Beauty and Portrait Photography

For some reason I have always passed the buck on retouching, if a client requires it I will send it out to a third party that specializes in this type of work. I add my touch to 99% of images I shoot, going in with an idea of what my final product will look like before Ive taken the picture.

This year has been a huge change for me as I embark on some serious self education on the dark art of retouching and photoshop, delving deep into what these programs have to offer and what I can achieve if I put my mind to it.

I have become enthralled by seeing my progress and am really enjoying this new challenge. New doors are opening up for me, I'm meeting and finding new photographers that inspire me as a creative professional. I cannot wait for what 2016 hold for Bret Thompsett Photography. Expect more creativity, gear reviews and the possibility of a fe eccentricities thrown into the mix.

Below is an image of a before and after of a shoot I did for a local brand here in Hawaii, more like this please!

Before and after - really excited about the prospects for 2016 - Now Booking