Cat Mask Forest Photo Shoot

I discovered Wintercroft masks on instagram some time ago and I knew I had to somehow get my hands on one. Luckily they make life simple in that you can pay a small fee ($6.50) and download the template and instructions to make your own mask.

After a lot of glueing, cutting and pasting, swearing, trashing one mask, almost trashing another I finally had a finished product, it wasn't perfect but it would do the job. My good friend and model Katt Kitchen was going to be my model and I knew that the Manoa Falls trail would be an ideal back drop.

We braved the mosquitos and managed quite a productive shoot, sometimes interrupted by hordes of tourists making their way up the trail but nothing too bad.

This was a personal project, something I feel is very important for fellow photographers to do from time to time or even all the time. Keep those creative juices flowing and keep shooting!