My new passion as a photographer

For a long time I have looked up to wave photographer Clark Little and Surf Photographer Zak Noyle. I wanted to be a part of a new trend in water photography, namely Waves and shooting from the water. My move to Hawaii put me in the perfect spot and now takes up most of my morning time before work. Armed with a GoPro camera and a KNEKT trigger, I venture out into the surf. It has been a huge learning curve but I am so excited to learn more. The GoPro has helped me develop my timing and swimming skills in varied conditions.

Unfortunately for large scale printing the GoPro is not up to the standard of my Canon 5D MK III DSLR. I am currently working towards a Surf Housing from the likes of SPL or Essex surf housings.

Prints are available up to 16x24 and start at $75 including shipping.

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