Sunset Paparazzi Proposal - Hector And Paulette - Kawela Bay, Oahu

What an amazing couple!

Hector contacted Paradise Proposals, a company I work with for most paparazzi style proposals on Oahu and asked us to set up our premier picnic so he could propose to Paulette his beautiful fiance to be. He chose the amazingly beautiful Kawela Bay on Oahu's North Shore as the place he would ask Paulette to be his wife.

The young couple approached the picnic with their tiny 2 month old baby and I could see Hector checking to make sure the ring box was still in his pants pocket. He knew the protocol as we had briefed him beforehand, make sure Paulette was facing the blue umbrella (I'm hiding under it at this point), his back to us. He wasted no time, down on to one knee he went, ring box in hand. I could see Paulette's smile from far away, SUCCESS! She said yes! 

They kissed, hugged and laughed - Hector pointed me out to Paulette and out I came from my hiding place to congratulate the couple. I let them settle for a minute, then came over for the classic  cider toast and kiss. After that I left them to it, I flitted around them grabbing frames as they interacted but doing my best to be unobtrusive.

As per the norm on our paparazzi proposals once they had time to enjoy each others company for a minute I took them up and down the beach for some classic formal images. The chemistry between these two love birds was amazing and I was able to capture amazing unscripted interactions of love between them.

On behalf of myself and Paradise Proposals, I really want to wish them all the best in the future together.